The Sticks

The Sticks

Have dog, will walk. Here we have mapped some of our local routes

Our dogs have an in built clock. At the same time each day they herd us together and demand their walk. Here are some of the routes they enjoy.

The Sticks

Tracing the names and dates of ancestors is the easy part, discovering their stories is much more difficult

There are over 5000 people identified in our genealogy database. Tracing them and their dates was the easy bit, finding out about their lives and telling their stories is more difficult. For a few we have managed to identify some key aspect of their lives and begun to piece together their stories.

The Sticks

Our house is on a 1795 map so we set out to trace its previous owners and occupants

From census records, wills, newspaper advertisements, morgage deeds and leases we are gradually piecing together the history of our house and those who lived here before us. Read more here.

The Sticks

When "project fear" warned of fresh food shortages Brexiters exhorted us to "grow your own" - so we did.

Fortunate enough to have the time, space and funds to start our own vegetable garden we decided to give it a try. Was it possible to be self sufficient in fruit and veg?  Read more to find out.

The Sticks

A website just because we can, mainly for our own fun and to provide our family and friends with a glimpse of what we are doing but we hope it provides something of interest to others - the descendants of those who have previously lived in our very old house, those connected with our family tree or anyone planning a visit to the little part of the world in North Staffordshire.


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