We don't have much time in the evening so our walk has to be quite short, only about an hour. Our typical walk is about three miles. It takes us down from our house and up over Marshes Hill (or if it is too wet, up the lane skirting the hill), through the car park at Hill Top, down towards the village turning off into Chapel Lane leading to Fiddler's Bank.  

If you have seen the photo gallery of our Evening Walk in October or read the Walk and Talk blogs you will be familiar with the stone climb stile and the field with the horses. This is the path from Fiddler's Bank across to the top of Hough Hill. In bad weather or if we are really short of time we take the road back to Hill Top but in better weather and time permitting we continue on the footpaths across the fields to Broad Lane and then follow the lane back to Hill Top.

At Hill Top we turn left past the pub and back to the car park, back over Marshes Hill and then, again according to weather, time and light, either straight down the hill through the cow field or down the track and back down the lane skirting the hill.

The final part of this walk is always the 400 metres up the lane from Lions Paw to our house.


Distance: kilometer
Total time:
Total speed: km per hour
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First published 25 October 2016