On 29th September 1939, just after the start of the second world war, the UK population was required to complete a register. During the war the register was used to administer ration coupons and manage conscription. It is the only surviving record of the population between 1921 and 1951, the 1931 census having been destroyed by fire and the 1941 not taking place.

The register shows that by 1939 Daniel Durber and his family had left Ladymoor Gate Farm and were living in nearby Barage Fields, Crowborough and that the Poyser family were now in residence.

The register entry gives no information about the farm itself, but records that William T Poyser, a dairy farmer was the occupaant together with his wife Florie and son William T Poyser, jnr who worked as a railway waggon examiner.

Genealogy records indicate that William senior was William Thomas Poyser, born in Waterfall, Staffordshire and who in 1921 had been living at Butterton Moor, Butterton, working as a farmer. His wife was Florrie Ratcliffe, born in Ipstones and with them in 1921 were their daughter Jessie (born about 1917) and their son William Thomas jnr (born about 1919, both in Butterton.

Census records suggest that William Thomas Poyser snr's family moved from Waterfall, where he was born in 1892, to Butterton sometime between his birth and the birth of his brother Arthur who was born there in about 1896. In 1901 William was a 9 year old school boy living with this parents Reuben U and Eliza Poyser and his siblings Reuben aged10, Arthur aged 5 and Harriet Elizabeth aged 2.