On 7th June 1841, the day of the census, 13 people were in residence at Ladymoor Gate. In those days the house was smaller than today. It probably consisted of two rooms downstairs, including the kitchen and two or three room upstairs. We think there was also a cellar. It would have been very crowded by modern standards. The original part of the house is brick built, which apprently in those days was a sign of affluence.  We think the current house was built  about 1820 but we don't know who built it - unfortunately the deeds, which we have retreived from safe storeage, do not go back further than 1872. Maybe John Stonier, the farmer here in 1841 built it. 

The Stonier family who lived at Ladymoor Gate in 1841 were:

John Stonier, aged 55 (i.e. 55-59) a farmer.  Later censuses give the acreage of the farm but in 1841 it was not given.
Hannah Stonier aged 50
William Stonier, 21 (later census entries suggest William may have been nearer to 27)
John Stonier, 19 (ditto 24)
Matilda Stonier, 15 (ditto 18)
James Stonier, 15
George Stonier, 14
Elizabeth Stonier, 13
Samuel Stonier, 9
John Stonier, 3 months

Relationships between residents are not given on the 1841 census. Most of the children are likely to have been those of John and Hannah, but some, especially baby John, may have been grandchildren and it is always possible that some were nephews or nieces. In fact from subsequent census records it is likely that Matilda is the wife of William (aged 22). On the 1841 census some of the ages were rounded down so she may have been upto 4 years older. Baby John is most likely to be their child. Baptism records also suggest that William and John junior were older than recorded:

John christened on 18 July 1816 would have made him at least 24 and William christened on 22 Feb 1814 would have been 27 years old. Later censuses appear to confirm they were older. They also indicate that Matilda was at least 18 years old in 1841.

Also living on the farm were:
Jane Outram, 8 (Ind?)
Hannah Barth, 14 (surname best interpretation) FHS? Farmhouse Servant?
James Barlow, 15, a labourer

From 1851 census we see sthat Jane Outram is John and Hannah's granddaughter but we do not know whether either of the other two were related to the Stoniers.

We are guessing, but from the type of outbuildings surviving from that time we think the farm would have been primarily a dairy farm with some pigs and poultry. There would almost certainly have been horses.

It is likely that water would have been drawn from the well just in front of the house, which is still in use today but no longer for drinking water. It is almost certain that they would have grown much of their own food and provided their own meat.

Source: 1841 Census HO107/1004/5
Parish of Horton in Staffordshire
Enumeration District 15: Blackwood and Crowborough