On 30th March 1851, census day, Samuel Stonier was the only member of the family who had occupied the farm in 1841 still present. He was working here as an agricultural labourer for the farmer, 36 year old Richard Shufflebotham and his 22 year old wife Elizabeth.  Elizabeth must have been Richard's second wife as his eldest son was already 16. 

The occupants were:

Richard Shufflebotham, 36, farmer of 92 acres born in Horton

Elizabeth Shuffelbotham, his 22 year old wife

Richard Shufflebotham, 16, son working on farm (farmer's son)

Roger Shufflebotham, 10, son working on farm

Elizabeth Shufflebotham, 8, daughter

Ann Shufflebotham, 5, daughter

All the members of the family were born in Horton, the younger ones may even have been born here at Ladymoor Gate.

Two servants were listed:

Samuel Stonier, 20, an agricultural labourer and presumably a member of the Stonier family in occupation in 1841

Hannah Wilshaw, 19, house servant

There is a possible connection between the Stoniers and the Shufflebothams through the marriage of Richard Shufflebotham and Hannah Stonier, but it does not explain why the Stoniers move out? 


1851 Census HO 107/2008

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District 7: Blackwood and Crowborough