The farm was still in the Shufflebotham family by 1871, but significantly reduced in size. Why such a large reduction? Had part of it been sold or had it been partitioned between the sons when Richard had retired/died? Maybe we will find the answers to this when we eventually recover the deeds from storage.

Roger Shufflebotham, 30 farmer of 46 acres (born Horton)

Susannah Shufflebotham, 35, his wife from Astbury, Cheshire

Roger Shufflebotham, 5 his son born in Biddulph

William Goodall Shufflebotham, 4 his son born in Horton, probably at Ladymoor Gate

John Shufflebotham, 2 his son, born in Horton, probably at Ladymoor Gate

Elizabeth Hannah Shufflebotham, daughter, 3 weeks old

There were three servants:

Ann Lancaster, 18, a general servant from Biddulph

James Hudson, 22, a wagoner from Longnor

Elizah Sherrat, 12 an indor farm servant from Norton.


1871 Census RG 10/2883/93

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District: Blackwood and Crowborough