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The Sticks family tree database updated 00414 April 2024. Full family history with 1220 surnames and 6639 individuals and 2020 families


Tracing the ancestors of the Sticks Kids and the Webmaster: Baker-Bradbury-Rogers family trees.

Details of individuals presumed living (under 105) are withheld, as are those who have died within the last 5 years.

The information in the databases is accurate to the best of my knowledge although I cannot guarantee there are no errors. If you find an error please let me know. Please make sure you read the notes tab which will give some idea of the degree of confidence I have in the data - and in some cases may also provide additional information on families with similar names which I researched before excluding them from my own tree.

Source References
Most of the sources given have been carefully researched, although a some still remain speculative and some missing. There is still much work in progress. I have tried to indicate in the notes the degree of confidence I have in the information. If a BMD certificate is given as a source and a copy is not available through the main online genealogy services (e.g. Ancestry & Find my past) you may be able to find more details in my BMD databases. I update them infrequently with data transcribed from certificates I purchase from the General Records Office.


Many thanks to Pat and Ray Banks of Utah, USA for providing details of the American branch of the Banks family and helping with the family history prior to 1790 and to the other relatives we have found as a result of this research. Thanks also to Mary Rogers for allowing us to use her extensive research into the Boulton family history.