After a night, or part of one, in Lima we flew next day to Cuzco, high in the Andes. As our flight gained altitude it never quite managed to leave the ground far below and for parts of the flight we were flying lower than the surrounding peaks.

When we were arrived we were met at the airport and taken by taxi to our hotel, the hotel Monastero, another luxurious place. I was beginning to think we had booked and paid for something for more luxurious (and expensive) than was our usual custom. Still we'd done it, even if accidentally so we may as well enjoy it.

On the way to the hotel our tour guide explained that we may find ourselves affected by the altitude and that we needed to acclimatise. She said we would be met with an offer of tea made from coca leaves and she advised us to drink it, saying it helped with combatting the symptoms of altitude sickness, and she told us to rest for at least half an hour, maybe up to two hours, before doing any strenuous exercise like walking around the town.

We were wary of drinking the tea because it is illegal in the UK, but in the end we did try it with no apparent ill effects.

Some scenes from Cuzco

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