The Sticks


I shall be retiring from my work with my employer of the last 18+ years at the end of November, that is in precisely


I won't lie. I was devastated by the Leave victory. On 24th June 2016 I felt bereaved. Brexiters berated me: I didn't have confidence my country they scoffed. Cheer up! It was a great day of liberation, we could be great again. If I didn't see that I was doing the country down.


The extent of my new world.

It's purely arbitrary but I've chosen a radius of ten miles for this project. Let's imagine that the strongly controlled borders of my new world are a mere ten miles from the spot to which I am now rooted.


The idea for "Rooted to the Spot" was inspired by Brexit and this project is dedicated to all those people who have, in one way or another, told me and members of my family that if we were proud of our roots we shouldn't need to move away.

Rooted to the spot: "unable to move because you are very frightened or shocked" - Collins English Dictionary