Sandstone rock pillar

Saturday 18th June 1983

We wake after a very cold night and little sleep. After packing the tent we drive into the town for breakfast. The options for style of egg is baffling: easy over, easy up etc and we take a guess. Stewart orders easy up and fortunately it's what he wanted, a plain fried egg.

Georgetown Street

Sunday 19th June 1983

It is quite late when we get up. I finish breakfast, pack and then spend an hour trying to call Andy. I really need to speak to him. I never realised how much I'd miss him and how it would affect my holiday. I am getting frustrated being with Stewart all the time, but it probably isn't his fault, even though I behave as though it is. The problem is I want to be with Andy and he isn't Andy. I think that if I can speak to him I will feel better and stop being so critical of Stewart for not being Andy.

Snow drift in the sun

Monday 20th June

Camping last night wasn't as bad as I'd feared it might be. The woollen socks had kept my feet lovely and warm.

Early morning and now the sun is blazing down and if anything I'm rather too hot. I'm still feeling homesick and think a day on my own may be better an a day with Stewart, who isn't Andy! I explain to him how I feel and he says that he had noticed. Now we have started talking I broach a few more subjects which I perceive to be causing friction between us but he doesn't reply. It crosses my mind again that I may be being rather selfish. To be fair he didn't force me to travel with him, he hasn't done anything other than be friendly and he must be thinking he could have chosen a more amenable holiday companion.

Rad through the snow

Tuesday 21st June

Once again I wake to bright sunshine. It had been another mild night and quite pleasant in our little tent. The ranger's thermometer had shown a low of 60o F (15.5oC) for the day we arrived and I think it must have been about the same last night. I had got up once during the night; outside the air was cool and the sky completely clear, dark and studdied with hundreds of stars. No artificial light, no clouds, just a brilliant sky and starlight. Thank you bladder and the water I drank last night!