Yellowstone canyon and falls

Wednesday 22nd June

We leave Lander on the 2nd stage of our journey to Yellowstone. After the uplifting day in the Rockies depression is setting in again. I try counting the days until I will be home. In an effort to cheer myself up I don't count today or the last day, the day when I'll be setting off. But it doesn't work and I am sullen and miserable again with Stewart. I have to fight with myself to remember I wanted to come on this trip too. No one forced me to come. It isn't Stewart's fault and it isn't as though we haven't been visiting interesting and inspiring places. We have, but something is weighing me down. In my head I'm starting to get annoyed with Stewart because I feel guilty about my behaviour. I know it's me but it's easier to find someone else to blame and he's the only other person here. I sulk all the way to Yellowstone. Stewart doesn't say anything.

Old faithful geyser Yellowstone

Thursday 23rd June

We are eating breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We have both chosen the "continental" menu and beginning to regret it. Stewart has toast, no jam or marmalade offered. I have a tiny "Danish pastry". Tomorrow we'll try something different. 

Hardly satisfied with breakfast we set off to visit Old Faithful. The park guide tells us it is 38 miles (61km) from here. My mosquito bites are very irritating and I am trying hard, rather unsuccessfully, not to rub and scratch them.

Squirrel in tree, Yellowstone

Friday 24th June

We finish breakfast and leave Lake at just after 9:00. We drive through Yellowstone and leave the park, setting off on our way to Dinosaur National Monument. It will be a long drive and we will not have much time to stop. I am still not feeling well. The mosquito bites have shrunk but are still just as itchy as yesterday and the medication knocks me out. The long journey ahead of us means I will need to take my turn driving. I took some of my pills when I woke this morning so Stewart drives first and I will drive this afternoon after their effect has worn off. I won't be able to take more until we arrive and I am hoping that concentrating on driving will distract from the discomfort.