Arizona Desert

I can't remember now who decided we should travel to the USA. I was 26 years old and working for a software house. Although based in Cheshire I spent a large part of my time away from home and in 1983 I was living just out side Ipswich, Suffolk. It was a place called Bucklesham and we had the great fortune to have rented a rather nice, large house opposite the county showground and (unfortunately) next door to the golf club. I say unfortunately because the golf course took all the water and the mains supply was so poor that in the height of the Summer we frequently had no running water in the afternoon and evening.

We got into the habbit of filling buckets and pans first thing in the morning so we could at least cook and flush the loo. I shared the house with 4 or 5 other people who also worked for the same company and, like me were working away from home. The summer of 1983 was one to remember. It ranks high among my happy memories. Young, falling in love, not a care in the world and wonderful weather.

I think it was my travelling companion, a fellow resident of house who suggested the trip and, although there was friction between us at times while we were away, I'm glad he did.  We were good friends but we didn't have much in common, he was quiet, not particularly sporty and ate what he liked while I was noisey, addicted to excersise and very strict on following what I believed to be a healthy diet.  Looking back I must have been a bit of a pain but my companion was patient enough to put up with me and despite my bouts of grumpiness -  (I would be leaving behind my new boyfriend, later to become my husband, and I hadn't realised what an impact it would have on me) - we remained friends after our return. 

Here I transcribe my diaries, adding some links to reference the places we visited (although of course these show the current day rather than what we saw in 1983) and removing only that which is necessary to preserve privacy.