Sticks front page extract

The component I was using to display gpx tracks for our walking routes was withdrawn and I needed to find a replacement, which I did. Unfortunately I was not able to display the maps on pages using my Purity III templates. As an emergency I swapped them to the Joomla defaul Protostar. I liked the simple style amd it prompted me to refresh the look and feel of the entire site (apart from Rooted to the Spot which requires the Purity III Magazine style). I chose the JA Simpli template which is very similar to Protostar but which gave a few more options. I also took the opportunity to tidy up inconsistencies and cluncky sidebars which had "evolved" over the years, not kept up with the latest features available in Joomla and were becoming more difficult to maintain. I've tested it as well as I can but I may have missed something. If you find any broken links or sections that take you to dead ends or round in circles - or have any other feedback - please let me know using the Contact Us page. Thank you.