Building the edge wall of the pond

We built a low brick wall around the edge of the pond to provide a firm edge and a base for the stone features. The water proof lining will come up over the wall and under the stones.

To make it easier we used a cement mixer!



building-waterfallWater-course-outlineTaking advantage of the natural slope of the garden we built a stone feature water fall. To prevent water loss behind the stone work we added and extra layer of lining to form an envelope seal.

The stone waterfall blends into the rockery behind. The water course has a number of small weirs. More about the watercourse on the next page.



Rock-features-finished-no-linerRockery-prelinerThe stone features are almost complete. It is time to line the water course and the pond.

From this angle the shallow "beach" area of the pond can be seen. We wondered whether we had wasted our money on liner.



The pond was dug from clay and after rain it clearly showed that it retained the water.