What a wet start to the week. Yesterday between the showers we started thinning out the bullrushes and weeding pond.  If we were going to get wet we may as well make the most of it.  Now we can see patches of water again. The pile of discarded bull rushes and weed is still lying near the pond. We left it to drain and to give any displaced frogs and newts time to escape and return to the water, intending to clear it away today but didn't fancy getting wet again so sowed cauliflowers, oriental cabbages and spring onions and harvested a few tomatoes instead.  Our hopes of planting the final few narcissus bulbs have been dashed for the next few days.

Last week I thought we'd seen the last of the courgettes and we ordered some from the supermarket but today very pleased to see that there are some promising looking fruits developing. The webmaster is keeping his fingers crossed that he'll get at least one pumpkin from the three plants he grew this year. He is very excited about one that is about the size of small football which for the variety we sowed is about right and there are five or six others looking promising. He's tried several times before but never succeeded. Could this be the year he breaks his duck?