harvested Early Purple Wight garlic

As planned we dug up the seriously rust affected garlic, variety Early Purple Wight. Very relieved that it had developed reasonable bulbs. Other two varieties, Solent Wight and Caulk Wight, still have significant number of green leaves although some showing rust patches and as the bulbs are still very small, decided to risk leaving them for another couple of weeks, subject to them not succumbing to the rust. It seems to have worked for the Early Purple Wight, so at least not all lost. Harvested first turnips and finally cut some chard. Went well with squash (patty pan Delikates), courgettes (Midnight) and broad beans in stir fry with mushrooms, noodles and soy sauce. In the greenhouse fruits are forming on the Cape Gooseberries. Last year none germinated but this year I have two small plants. In the poly-tunnel the sweet potato plants have put on a spurt of growth. This year for first time attempting to grow okra as it no longer seems to be available at the supermarket we use. Since I took delivery of the six plants about a week ago the temperature has been just about sufficient to keep them alive, but hoping for some growth when the weather improves from tomorrow.