Today, planted out the last few celariac plants and also filled in the gaps left by harvested spring cabbage with sime cabbage Dutchman which I am hoping will be ready to harvest in August. The broccoli calibrese (Matsuri F1) heads have started to develop, which is a relief as I thought they may have gone the way of my spring cauliflowers which didn't develop heads. In the poly-tunnel the cucumber (Emilie) got off to a good start but the recent bout of poor weather seems to have set them back with many of the fruits withering without developing.  Good weather forecast for the next few days so I will be watching to see if there is an improvement. Tomatoes also doing well with plenty of fruit setting, but chillis still struggling. Last week we started harvesting carrots (Amsterdam Forcing), they were predicatbly curly from the stony soil, but very tasty. We should have some baby beetroots and turnips soon. Radish and salad leaves have been better this year with slugs under better control. Tomorrow if it's not raining we'll dig up the garlic, covered in rust, to see if anything can be salvaged. Fortunately the rust hasn't spread to the leeks and onions. But talking of rust, I noticed a few spots on one of the pear trees. I've removed the leaves. Hopefully it will slow the spread.