Broad bean plants in flower

Leek, cauliflower and carrot seedlings which germinated indoors moved into greenhouse. Choy sum flower buds forming, almost ready to harvest. Winter cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli coming good in the garden, but no cauliflowers - they all succumbed to fungal infection. Second batch of trinidad chillis have all germinated but still none from the first batch. I have to assume I killed them.

Early broad beans (sown in the greenhouse in October) in flower and early peas won't be far behind. I'll move them out of the greenhouse into the garden in a couple of weeks, but leave them in the large pots. Hopefully by then there will be a few more polinators around and we will have beans by end of April, as last year. 

Decided to grow potatoes in bags this season, to save space in the garden beds. Planted the first earlies today in 5 x 30 litre sacks then spent the afternoon cutting back the brambles which were sending their tendril out in all directions: towards the vegetable plots, over the paths, strangling the hedges, over fences. There is something very relaxing pulling on the long runners, rolling them up and snipping them off.  It gives a good impression of rapid progress and taking control. But unless having cleared them away I go back and dig up the roots, not easy between stones, they'll be back. I'm sure they grow more than a metre a week! If coronavirus wipes us all out, the brambles will inherit the land.