Yellow Crocuses

After my concern about infection in the winter brassicas I scoured the on-line information to try to identify the problem but to me it could have been all or none of the diseases. I ruled out those which thrive in hot and/dry conditions. It has been wet and, for winter, fairly mild. The bed they are in is new  - nothing has been grown there before so I am assuming it isn't caused by the soil - and I have been keeping it as well weeded as I can in the current weather. In the end I assume it is some sort of mildew.  The kale and cabbages haven't developed any more yellow leaves but the curds of the cauliflowers started to look very unappealing and some did not have many leaves left, so to be on the safe side I pulled them up and disposed of them away from the garden. The spring brassicas which are on the other side of the garden are struggling to grow. The organic slug control wasn't completely effective and some were heavily "nibbled" earlier on, but they don't get much light at this time of year. Fortunately there are no signs of infection or discoloured leaves.  Elsewhere the spring bulbs are pushing through and last week the crocuses came into bloom; a little touch of spring before this week's storm and wintery weather. Indoors I have trays of seedlings on all my window sills. This year I'm trying for more flowers and ornamental plants. I need something bright to cheer me up. The webmaster isn't impressed. He only wants things he can eat.