Tomato Seedlings

Brocolli that did nothing last year, and which I'd been intending to pull up to make way for new planting, is developing some nice looking purple spears but winter cabbages and cauliflowers started to show signs of yellowing infected leaves. Fortunately removing them seems to have stemmed the problem and about half the cabbages had already been harvested and eaten anyway. All types of the autumn planted garlic are now throwing up shoots. In the greenhouse the broad beans and peas are coming on strongly, although the winter gem lettuce is proving a disappointment. This time last year I was over run with it. This year almost nothing. The first batches of indoor sown seeds have nearly all germinated and we now have trays of carrot, leek, cauliflower and tomato seedlings. The tomatoes have grown particularly well in the propogator and the hot chillis, including the Magnum we tried for the first time last year, but which were rather to late in the season, have also germinated.  This year we are hoping that sowing early will provide enough time for them to crop properly. The bare root fruit trees arrived but the ground is still rather wet and although not water logged it is difficult to prepare, so we have heeled them in to a pile of compost in a sheltered bay.  Oh yes, and the seed potatoes arrived and the first earlies have been put out to chit.