Robin in Winter garden

We've been busy with odd jobs in the garden but so far the winter projects we'd planned have stalled. For a while during the general election campaign gardening took a back seat but we did manage to clear out the old beds and shred material for the compost heap. Plans to replace the rotted wooden edges on our older vegetable beds are on hold because we want to use the boards for making the shuttering for preparing the concrete base for the new poly tunnel. The constant wet weather has completely halted that project. The recent gales have snapped some of the canes we were using for makeshift cloche supports, but other than that no real damage. We have made a start pruning our old apple and pear trees which were neglected for years, sown the first batch of seeds indoors, putting the propagator we bought last Autumn into use for the first time. We have also ordered a few new fruit trees, so plenty to look forward to for the summer. Oh and we have repaired and cleaned the equipment, including a new wheel for our large wheelbarrow. The parts we ordered back in October for repairing our hedge trimmer still have not arrived.