Old Pear tree with pears

It's been a busy week alternating between garden, greenhouse and kitchen depending on the weather. Remaining beetroot and salsify harvested, onions and garlics planted, final tomatoes harvested and vines cut down; peas, broad beans and spring onions sown. Shredder has been working overtime & most of the leaf fall has been gathered into sacks to make leaf mould. We've picked half the apples, sorted and stored them, made several batches of pear jam and assorted chutneys. The winter kale we planted in August is ready to start harvesting, the cabbages are not far behind but still waiting for signs of cauliflowers to develop. Spring brassicas we planted towards the end of September are now well established. Raspberry canes still producing in quantities. All spring flowing bulbs planted. Much tidying and maintenance still to do. Next big project launched - polytunnel ordered.