Tomatoes growing in containers

Harvested the last broad beans and cleared the bed. Brassicas planted yesterday survived the overnight storm but Gardeners Delight tomato plants, outdoors in containers, didn't fare so well. One has suffered a broken branch. It is heavily laden with green tomatoes but is now barely connected to the main stem. Left to see if it survives. If not I'll use the green tomatoes, maybe another pot of tomato marmalade as made today with last weeks plant collapse.

Recipe: 180g green cherry tomatoes, halved; thumb of root ginger peeled and chopped; coarsely grated rind one large lemon; juice from the lemon; 180g preserving sugar. Put tomatoes, lemon rind and ginger in pan and heat until tomatoes soft (add couple of spoons of lemon juice if necessary to prevent tomatoes sticking to pan); when tomatoes soft add remaining lemon juice and heat until boiling; gradually stir in the sugar until it has all dissolved; boil for further 10-15 minutes in meantime sterilise and heat storage jar; pour into storage jar and allow to cool and set.