Low level cloche

Brassica plants arrived. Set up the cloche for the new bed - 10 x 33cm rebar posts stapled to the wooden bed edging and 5 x 2.15m lengths of blue polyethylene piping. Planted forty plants (10 x cabbage, 10 x cauliflower, 10 x curly kale and 10 x broccoli) spaced as per the advice. Six of the broccoli needed to go into a 2nd bed. Then discovered insect mesh was too narrow (we had cut off strip to act as carrot-fly barrier earlier in the year) so adjusted the design. Instead of hoops, we constructed a flatter, lower structure by connecting the piping at a diagonal (as in picture). This will do while plants get established but also ordered more mesh for when plants are bigger. Fed greenhouse plants a day later than usual as I missed regular weekly feed yesterday (feeding Friday). 

More red tomatoes; some aubergines eaten by slugs or snails. If it's not the mould its the molluscs! Caught a slug eating half grown butternut squash.