Preparing new bed

Raised the containers of the squashes I moved outside last week with a couple of laths to make sure they can drain freely. Probably won't help as they were already on slats not solid base, but they looked as though they were about to drown. I thought they'd have gentle introduction to outside life as it was so warm and sunny last week. How wrong. Should have looked at the weather forecast. Eliminatory error but I was desperate for space in the greenhouse.

Harvested more broad beans. Snails have eaten all my July sown French bean seedlings, despite slug pellets. They were in large grow bag outside the back door with the salad leaves. Have visions of snails climbing up outside of bag and leaping across onto the seedlings without touching the compost. 007 molluscs.

Birds have pecked at my strawberries. As soon as they started turning red. Need a net over the baskets.

Spent part of the afternoon cleaning and disinfecting plant pots ready for re-use later. New bed still not finished. Too wet.