flower border

It was always my intention to plant a low maintenance garden. Under the guidance of my mother - a much more experienced gardener than I, and someone who actually knows the names of the plants, I planted a few perennials and shrubs in the single border along my drive way and then left them too it. That was over 20 years ago.

Three or four times a year I've weeded out the grass, nettles and docks and pulled up any brambles which have taken root but other than that I've just allowed them to spread and welcomed any passing seeds that made their home there, weeds and all. 

My flower border looks good for some of the year but for large parts it has lacked colour or even signs of life and the rock garden by my pond has lost its battle with the cow parsley so now I have more time and the vegetable patch is producing reasonable crops I have turned my attention back to creating a a colourful splash by of flowers for spring and early summer. It is rewarding to grow veg but it would also be nice to have flowers to brighten up the place. The shrubs and bushes come into their own in autumn when the birds get fat on the berries.