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Happenings and events impinging on our lives at the Sticks, whether it is world events or the death of our beloved Old Dog; anything from discovering my grandmother was almost right when she claimed a family connection with the hill on which (according to our address) we now live to the cat sending a Tweet. The random stuff of life, some serious, some trivial but all of contributing to making us who we are.  

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Webmaster and the two dogs

The Worker used to be a keen runner, but like the Old Dog,  had to slow down due to creaky joints. The Webmaster loved his two dogs and every morning took them for a walk round Marshes Hill. When she was on holiday from work, the Worker accompanied him, and then the walks were often longer. Sometimes the Students went too. Of course it depended on the weather.

Besides the morning walk with the dogs the Webmaster also took an evening stroll and the Worker when she had finished for the day. The length of these walks depending on when the Worker got back from the office, the time of year and the weather. In their otherwise busy schedules it was a time for chatting and putting the world to rights. Where better to do it than in the beautiful local countryside?

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General, occassional blogs about the small (or sometimes major) incidents happening, usually outside the safe zone of the Sticks, that left an impression. Often but not always political. Uses Beatles song titles to set the themes.

I used to think when I'm sixty-four the world would be a better place, now I'm not so sure.

Don't Let Me Down! Altogether Now. 



Everything and Nothing
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Began as a romantic mixture of emotion and practical tips from two young students discovering themselves and life as they recounted their adventures away from home. The Student and her boyfriend shared their passion for each other, travel and their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Now the blog is maintained by the Student who is studying for an MSc in Psychology and working part time, both remotely, on-line, while she and her boyfriend continue their travels to explore the world. Her blog focuses on wellbeing and politics affecting the state of the planet & the lives of its inhabitants.