Flash a short haired Collie

We inherited Flash, a short haired border collie,  in 2009 when my uncle became too ill to care for him. He was seven years old and of nervous temprement due to traumas in his life. He was a failed sheep dog about three years old when he had been rescued by my uncle.  Flash had been his constant companion, the only person he trusted. Losing my uncle, the first person to show him kindness and love,  was another trauma for this damaged dog. 

It took a long time to settle him in. Others had tried and given up. He barked at night and peed on the floor when left alone. He had been banned by the local pub.  We were his last hope. After six months and a bit of help from the vet he relaxed and settled. He was an ideal dog. Everyone loved him.

Flash lived with us during the peak of the Student's running career and he became popular at the all day cross country meetings. His friendly nature and prowess at football was a great draw for the kids. Several asked if they could keep him. He enjoyed his country walks and got on well with our other dog, Tilly, also a border collie albeit somewhat more bad tempered and intolerant than Flash.

Sadly our time with Flash was cut short. He already suffered join problems when he moved in, he was diagnosed with arthritis and it gradually became worse. At first the medication helped but eventually his hips deteriorated and lifting himself to a standing position was difficult. We started to investigate wheels for him but we were overtaken by events. His hips finally collapsed and he died under the care of the vet aged only 11 in July 2013.  You can read his life story and obituary here.