Mr Cat, real name Archie, was born in December 2010 and moved to The Sticks in February 2011 with his twin sister, Mrs Cat, real name Cleo.

Mr Cat likes to be comfortable. If he can't lie on a bed or make a nest in the laundry he likes to lie on cardboard or paper. He is particularly fond of sitting on newspapers in precisely the place you are trying to read.

Mr Cat also likes eating. Although rarely successful he never gives up attempting to take his share of the evening meal directly from the plates on the table. While not shy of blatent attempts to climb onto the table he is also a master of a more subtle approach. Sitting on a chair pushed under the table he will extend one paw slowly up and across in an effort to reach his prey.

But poor Mr Cat is outnumbered by his three (until recently four) female companions: Mrs Cat, his sister, and the two Fluffies, Princess Fluffy, real name Ruby, and the Wrong Cat, real name Granite. When the cat food is shared out Mr Cat always gets the last turn. In fact so outnumbered does Mr Cat appear to be that he forms an odd alliance with the Young Dog, even to the extent of moving into the Young Dog's crate.

Mr Cat does not spend all his time eating and sleeping in comfortable places. He also likes to hunt, not merely for entertainment like many domestic cats. Mr Cat always eats his catch. He is a proficient mouser and can finish off a mouse in a few minutes but from time to time he catches larger prey. His eyes must be much bigger than his belly, or at least until he has devoured a moderate size rabbit, skin, bones and all in one sitting. Then his belly is so engorged he can hardly move for two days.