The Young Dog, Cody, was born in about 2012. We are not entirely sure of his age or breed. He is a rescue dog. He was described as a cross between a German shepherd and a huskey and his age was estimated at about 18 months old when we got him from Moorlands Dog Rescue in 2014. We decided to get another rescue dog after Flash, a dog we inherited died.

He is a very friendly, boisterous dog but he can sometimes fret. And when he first arrived he couldn't be left alone. At night, or even if left in one room while we were in another, he chewed his way through everything from furniture to underware, high-tech products to shoes.

Cody is fascinated by The Cats. He will sit for hours watching them but he doesn't seem to intend any harm even though he will chase them. Mr and Mrs Cat ignore him but the two Fluffy Cats try to avoid him.