Andy & kids in Wales c1987

2004 was a very sad year for us. It was the year we finally said goodbye to Andy. After a long and courageous battle against his brain tumour the struggle became too much for him and he died in May. No words can describe our loss but we try to remember him as he was before the illness took away his energy and vitality. We also admire the way in which he dealt with his illness. Throughout his slow decline he remained brave and determined to survive and make the most of life. He was generous and patient to the end.

The webmaster is Tony, the ugly mug in the photo. In keeping with the best he has chosen a picture that is at least 10 years old. He will be putting more in this section of the site, but he is better at the technology than the content!

In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter and read about him in the Walk and Talk blogs in which he takes a staring role.

Matilda the Dog, a border collie commonly known as Tilly was born in March 2003 and died on 7th January 2019. She features as the icon of The Sticks in the page tabs.

Tilly was the daughter of working sheep dogs and in her early years she showed her natural tendencies to herding: sheep, children, balls. She learned quickly and soon developed a naughty streak.

The Young Dog, Cody, was born in about 2012. We are not entirely sure of his age or breed. He is a rescue dog. He was described as a cross between a German shepherd and a huskey and his age was estimated at about 18 months old when we got him from Moorlands Dog Rescue in 2014. We decided to get another rescue dog after Flash, a dog we inherited died.

He is a very friendly, boisterous dog but he can sometimes fret. And when he first arrived he couldn't be left alone. At night, or even if left in one room while we were in another, he chewed his way through everything from furniture to underware, high-tech products to shoes.

Cody is fascinated by The Cats. He will sit for hours watching them but he doesn't seem to intend any harm even though he will chase them. Mr and Mrs Cat ignore him but the two Fluffy Cats try to avoid him.



Mr Cat, real name Archie, was born in December 2010 and moved to The Sticks in February 2011 with his twin sister, Mrs Cat, real name Cleo.

Mr Cat likes to be comfortable. If he can't lie on a bed or make a nest in the laundry he likes to lie on cardboard or paper. He is particularly fond of sitting on newspapers in precisely the place you are trying to read.

Mr Cat also likes eating. Although rarely successful he never gives up attempting to take his share of the evening meal directly from the plates on the table. While not shy of blatent attempts to climb onto the table he is also a master of a more subtle approach. Sitting on a chair pushed under the table he will extend one paw slowly up and across in an effort to reach his prey.

Mrs Cat on the fence

Mrs Cat, Cleo, the twin sister of Mr Cat, spends her time hunting mice, sleeping where she can find a warm spot, although, unlike her brother, rarely on one of our beds.  In the evenings she likes to curl up on the Webmaster's lap while he is watching television, but it has to be on her terms. All the cats like sitting on the Webmaster, the two "fluffies" will come to a fragile agreement with one on his lap and the other his chest, but Mrs Cat demands exclusivity. Her hiss is louder than her purr and her claws are sharp.  Unlike her brother she never greets the dog by rubbing noses, she is more likely to be seen lashing out at him from above as he innocently walks below.