Image: Andy's tree in blossom

Happenings and events impinging on our lives at the Sticks, whether it is world events or the death of our beloved Old Dog; anything from discovering my grandmother was almost right when she claimed a family connection with the hill on which (according to our address) we now live to the cat sending a Tweet. The random stuff of life, some serious, some trivial but all of contributing to making us who we are. Organised, approximately, by year with names inspired by the state of the nation and the tension that builds before a storm.  

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A collection of unrelated happenings and events at the Sticks in the year of a major life event - retirement, in the shadow of a looming Brexit.

Thoughts affected by the hot, sunny weather and the contradictions of Brexit.

Occassional rants during a year of miserable weather and ominous politics. Storm clouds litterally and metaphorically.

Random writings for self entertainment and to distract from the storms buffeting the country even while the weather is good. Preparing for worse while hoping for better.